Para Bellum Talk Conquest Tactics For New Dweghom Releases!

March 20, 2020 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames has been talking about the new releases for the Dweghom coming soon. Taking the lead on the battlefield, we're going to see the awesome kits for the Dragonslayers and the Hold Thanes and the team at Para Bellum thought they'd drop some tactical information to get you excited to use them!

Dragonslayers - Para Bellum Wargames

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Before we get into the tactics it's a good idea to explore the lore first and we're talking about the Dragonslayers first who look exceptionally cool...

"Clad in armour forged in a bygone age when dragon fire was the greatest threat to a warrior, every vulnerable part of a Dragonslayer is covered in alloys not seen since the breaking of the world. The weapons they bear were those used by their Ancestors to pierce the nigh-invulnerable hides of the Elder Dragons. Forged from adamantine and now quenched in dragon blood, no mortal armour could hope to withstand a blow. Dragonslayers are entrusted with the greatest heirlooms of their Hold, weapons that are part of the living memory of their people’s greatest trial and triumph."

When it comes to using the Dragonslayers in battle, you've got a few things that you should bear in mind! They are a very offensively driven regiment with Cleave 4 allowing them to take down some Heavy Regiments and Monsters with ease. As they take on dragons, it makes sense that they'd be suited to this role. However, they are also infantry so they're going to need other units to lock their targets in place so that they can rush towards them. Make sure you find a unit willing to throw themselves into the melee to do that!

Additionally, Para Bellum also talked about how they synergise alongside casters from the Dweghom. A Tempered Sorcerer with the Earth School can cast Roots Of Stone on an enemy unit and pin them in place so that your Dragonslayers can charge into them. The enemy regiment will get +2 Defence thanks to the spell but with Cleave 4, your Dragonslayers should make short work of this stranded unit.

Mighty Thanes

As well as the Dragonslayers, you've also got the grim and determined Hold Thanes who are equally as deadly in combat as their more heavily armoured kin.

Hold Thanes - Para Bellum Wargames

As before, we'll start off with a little bit of lore...

"Unlike the undoubtedly fine weapon of the warriors, each of the arms and armor that the Thanes bear has been personally crafted by a member of the Tempered marking them to stand amongst the Hold’s elite forces. Capable of weathering the heaviest blows and cutting through the finest chain, these weapons make the Thanes deadly opponents, equally proficient on the attack as in defence."

The Hold Thanes are a very defensive Regiment and benefit from both a good Clash and Defence characteristic which makes them very versatile. They are very elite of course which means that you're going to pay the cost but it does allow you to really centre your defence around a couple of good units. They can also benefit from the Heralds upgrades which allow you to focus on different playstyles. Take the Herald Of Stone and they will be more defensive. Herald Of Fire makes them more offensive and finally, Herald Of Magna suits them to long melee fights where they need to set themselves.

Additionally, looking back to the Tempered Steelshapers, they can cast Unmake Armour on an enemy Regiment that the Hold Thanes are fighting. Combining Cleave 1 and -1 Defence can be particularly devastating. They can also be combined with the power of an Ardent Kerawegh casting Dismay. This can force a Regiment to be shattered a lot quicker. If you combine this with Roots Of Stone which we talked about before, you can utterly crush a unit.

If you want to dive deeper into the tactical nuance for these forces you can explore the Army Lists for yourself.

Are you tempted by these new Dweghom miniatures?

"Are you tempted by these new Dweghom miniatures?"

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