Para Bellum Wargames Deliver A Mighty Conquest Update

October 4, 2019 by avernos

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After speaking to Para-Bellum today about the expected release of the third faction for Conquest, the Dewghom they've sent over this press release to bring everyone up to speed with the current situation.


Ladies and gentlemen, to countermand delays in our very aggressive release schedule, while remaining committed to the fast population of the game, we are in the middle of restructuring our logistics and production schedules, so as to normalize our shipping dates. As a result, we will be shipping the first Dweghom wave in the third week of October, BUT it will now include more units. Three expansion boxes, including a dual-kit for a total of four different regiments, will stand ready to be fielded, commanded by two characters. Very shortly after, the first wave of Nords will be shipped, including characters, so before the end of the year, all four factions will be able to mount fully legal armies on the field, as has always been our goal.

Come January, we will be able to focus entirely on fleshing out our starting factions, at least until next summer, when new roars and drums of war will sound. We are also working hard to bring you an extra Holidays surprise for December but more on that when the deal is sealed. 😉

This delay is not ideal, either for you or for us, and for that we apologize. If it’s any consolation, there is a great deal of frustration in having plastic Dweghom and Nords parading around the office without being able to bring them to you. But in order to deliver the consistency, volume and quality of releases we want in the future, we are confident that this is the best way to proceed right now. Bear with us. Our long term plans are not affected in any way and, if anything, this helps us build a stronger foundation for them. In the meantime, we can only thank you for embracing Conquest as you have. The feedback, response and enthusiasm we have seen is beyond belief!

So as disappointing as it is that we haven't seen the Dweghom in September as planned, and I know it's disappointed Justin, it is good to see that the delayed release of the Dweghom will not impact on their plans for the fourth faction the Nords. To Soften the blow somewhat here is a preview of the new Inferno Automata coming along with the Dweghom infantry we have already seen.


From what I've told some the Nord releases will have their release dates moved slightly so as not to overload October and November releases entirely, but as per the press release it will give a solid foundation for the faction before they move into 2020. As a new company with new game news like this can be disappointing and from what we have heard the uptake in the core game has been solid so far. Now Para-Bellum have had a chance to look into it and steady the ship somewhat hopefully they'll be able put this hiccough behind them and press on with their plans for their world of  Eä.

You didn't ask for it, but since I'm nice I thought I'd sneak in another preview the Tempered Sorcerer.


Over the coming weeks we'll be getting some content of our own up for Conquest as we start our own studio armies, so if you're interested in Conquest and how it plays to keep an eye OnTableTop.

Are you going to be snapping these up?

"Now Para-Bellum have had a chance to look into it and steady the ship somewhat hopefully they'll be able put this hiccough behind them and press on"

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