The Pheromancer Comes To Life For Para Bellum’s Conquest

November 10, 2017 by brennon

We got our first look at one of the characters from the world of Conquest by Para Bellum Wargames this week. Here we have the Pheromancer, still in its early stages of development but looking awesome.

Pheromancer (Render) - Para Bellum

The render above is looking fantastic and shows off one of these creepy creations that control the monstrous Brutes and other Clones that come as part of the Spire. However, that's not all we've got on the Pheromancer as we also have a painted version too...


This painted version was done by Marcus Stroh and shows off a fantastic look at the character that has been painted to match the style of artwork that we've been enjoying from Para Bellum. If you'd like to know more about the character and how they fit into the world we have some more of the fluff.

Pheromancer (Text) - Para Bellum

They sound fascinating and it will be fun to see how they develop as part of the Spire and the army as a whole. While these folks are the tendrils behind the scenes controlling the armies I'm also looking forward to plenty more on the martial side of the Spire.

What do you think?

"However, that's not all we've got on the Pheromancer as we also have a painted version too..."

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