PlayFusion Show What’s In The Cards For Age Of Sigmar: Champions Savagery Expansion

January 27, 2019 by dracs

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PlayFusion have revealed new cards for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions' upcoming Savagery expansion, bringing with it fresh units and champions for your decks.

Top Of The Deck

Leading the way, three new Champion cards have been revealed, starting with Skragrott the Loonking.

Skragrott, along with his fellow Gloomspite Gitz, has been one of my favourite recent additions to Age of Sigmar. Even his title, the Loonking, is fantastic, so I am very happy to see him coming into the game.

The Order of Death is also getting some new leadership.

Arkhan has been one of Negash's most important lieutenant's since the days of the old world that was. Including him in the deck will allow for some great horde tactics.

The Brittle Skeletal Champion, on the other hand, is extremely cheap / free, which is very useful to let you spend points on other, bigger champions. However, it is one that could backfire with a Risen focused deck.

Rotting Woods

Meanwhile, two new rank and file cards have been shown, giving us a look at the upcoming Sylvaneth and the bloated forces of Nurgle.

The Sylvaneth are a force within Age of Sigmar's background that I really like the general aesthetic of, so seeing them more fully realised within the card game is something I am looking forward to. Meanwhile, units like the Pusgoyle Blightlord promise to give Chaos decks a lot more staying power, changing up their focus to something more durable.

What characters and units do you want to see in this expansion?

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