Printing In Detail Bring 10mm Chivalric Knights To Life!

February 9, 2021 by brennon

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Printing In Detail continues to supply stunning prints of the amazing 10mm miniatures by Forest Dragon. This time around they have added the Chivalric Knights into their collection with two heroes and two core units.

Knight Hero - Printing In Detail

Knight Hero // Printing In Detail

The first of the miniatures is this Knight Hero. Riding in atop his steed, this leader is going to be the perfect character to lead from the front. I really like all of the detail that has been worked into the print and the posing is perfect for drawing the eye on the battlefield.

The second of their characters is the Enchantress who steps away from martial might and instead embraces the power of The Lady.

Enchantress - Printing In Detail

Enchantress // Printing In Detail

Carrying a sacred sword which has no doubt been drawn from a lake somewhere, this Enchantress is rising up into the air as magical power flows through her. Again, this features wonderful detail work and the print is fantastic showing off all of the work that Forest Dragon has done on the original models.

Troops Of The Realm

If you're already into the idea of this army then you'll want some troops to make up the core of your force. Here we have the Chivalric Knights who are mounting up and getting ready for a charge; lances at the ready.

Chivalric Knights - Printing In Detail

Chivalric Knights // Printing In Detail

I love that there is such a nice mix of different styles within this set. All of them are armed with lances although you also have a leader with a sword at the ready. A lot of the knights all have different iconography on their shields and sculpted animals on their helmets. This is clearly a selection of different knightly orders who have been brought together for a common cause.

You can also pick up a band of Peasants who have been roused from the fields in order to fight for their lords. They might not be quite as noble but you've got to admire the amount of gusto they put into battling the foes of the realm.

Peasants - Printing In Detail

Peasants // Printing In Detail

This pack comes with a motley assortment of Peasants who can be formed into numerous regiments. Sit these in the centre of your army and you'll have the makings of a good fighting force that could at least act as a speed bump. You can buy both of the regiments shown off here with different elements, be it banner icons or command options.

These are fantastic looking miniatures in 10mm scale and could well be the makings of your next Fantasy force that allows you to dive back into The Old World.

Are you going to be picking these up?

"...could well be the makings of your next Fantasy force that allows you to dive back into The Old World"

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