Printing In Detail Release Stylish 10mm Wood Elves

June 15, 2020 by brennon

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Printing In Detail has worked on producing a series of 10mm Wood Elves based on 3D printing files from Forest Dragon  on Patreon. This would be great for those looking to build up large scale (and yet small scale) armies for use across a variety of Fantasy wargames.

Forest King - Printing In Detail.jpg

Wood Elf Forest King

Here you can see some of the printed miniatures which are looking absolutely stunning. There is so much detail packed into these miniatures and it's hard to believe that they are 10mm in scale! There is certainly some awesomeness here in terms of the proportions and how heroic they've done but these are looking wonderful for those who like the old school look of the Wood Elves.

Here are some more of the characters they have in the works...

Noble On Stag - Printing In Detail.jpg

Wood Elf Noble On Stag

I love how they've managed to retain a lot of detail on the armour in particular for some of the leaders with big areas to paint and plenty of depth so that a wash will really make the miniatures pop.

Mage On Unicorn - Printing In Detail.jpg

Wood Elf Mage On Unicorn

The miniatures that they have so far offer you the chance to throw a couple of characters into the mix both on the martial and magical side of things. You could use these as unit leaders or heroic individuals in their own right.

I absolutely love the look of the Forest Wraith with all of the twisted branches and horns popping from her head and body. I think these would look absolutely beautiful with a good dose of drybrushing, washes and a splash of glow here and there.

Forest Wraith - Printing In Detail.jpg

Wood Elf Forest Wraith

As well as the miniatures that you can see above for these characters there are also a couple of units too. So, if you'll looking to build up the bulk of this force then you can also do that! Seriously, look at the detail on these sculpts and work on the banner here. This is some seriously good 10mm work!

Spearmen With Command - Printing In Detail.jpg

Wood Elf Spearmen With Command

The miniatures here are stunning and all credit should go to the original designer of these, Forest Dragon. You can check out their Patreon for yourself here which offers a series of 3D Printing Files. If you want to cut out the middle man then you can just get them printed in this high detail from the webstore for Printing In Detail HERE.

Forest Tree Spirits - Printing In Detail

Wood Elf Forest Tree Spirits

As someone who is a recent convert to the wonders of painting and hobbying in 10mm, this is a wonderful little collection. It is well worth keeping an eye on what Printing In Detail works on next because they might be able to convert more of these miniatures into high-quality prints too.

What do you make of the work here?

"As someone who is a recent convert to the wonders of painting and hobbying in 10mm, this is a wonderful little collection..."

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