Ride to War on Fenris’ Skeletal Steeds

May 14, 2014 by dracs

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A skeletal horse might not be the most comfortable ride in the world, but you can't deny they look pretty impressive, such as the two steeds that Fenris are currently teasing us with.

Skeleton Horses

These undead horses will be acting as mounts for Fenris' Draugr, but will also be available on their own, providing you with the perfect mount for your sinister necromancers.

Of course, sometimes you might need something a little bigger than a horse. Well there is good news for those of you waiting on Fenris' Draugr Wyrm as they have announced they are starting the moulds today.

Draugr Wyrm

We previously got to see this green in the run up to Salute and I think it looks like a pretty impressive dragon. It isn't quite as rotting as you might expect from an undead wyrm, but I am sure that would be fixed with a paint job.

Which mount would you choose? Undead horse, or undead dragon?

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