Room 17’s Mighty Lords Fight Among The Flames

June 13, 2019 by cassn

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The sounds of drums auspices war. Hearts burning with rage as the Mighty Lords march to battle. Their blades sharp and thirsty, their deadly gaze ever forward. Glory and death await. The graves are open, the gods of evil awaken, and the lords of war are ready.

Room 17 Games have launched their new character design studio with a Kickstarter which brings the bravest and strongest warriors to your tabletop! The Mighty Lords collection is a range of superbly sculpted miniatures specially designed for painters and wargamers.


These high-quality cast resin figures can be used as the heroes of any 35mm scale heroic wargame, or simply kept as intricate collectible models.


The character design studio is a new project at Room 17 Games, however, the team have been working for months to complexly design five factions which earn their place as Mighty Lords and heroes of legend.


Backers can choose individual factions or, indeed, the entire collection. There's also a series of add-on miniatures which can be included, with plenty more to be unlocked during the campaign.


I personally love big boi The Mighty Apush, who clearly enjoys a good skull motif and knows the value of a quality manicure.

mighty6 (2)

So if the Marvel franchise has left you sick of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", maybe it's time to reach down to hell and come back with the fury of Room 17's Mighty Lords instead. You can check out the Kickstarter here.

Which Mighty Hero is your favourite? Comment below!

"Superbly sculpted miniatures specially designed for painters and wargamers!"

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