RPG by Joining a Secret Society in 4Kingdoms

August 31, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Here is an RPG that just may appeal to the masses. 4Kingdoms by MicroElements touts itself as being a role playing game for everyone, and it's available on Kickstarter right now.


The 4Kingdoms game revolves around four separate secret societies that greatly influence the daily lives of billions of people in their modern world. Players can choose to play normal humans (called “Inerts” in this game) OR powered humans (referred to collectively as the “Gnostics” or "Devas"). And in these 2 choices of beings, players find themselves having to choose which of the 4 Kingdoms they are most aligned with: The Brahmin promise peace that passes understanding. The Kshatriya promise power beyond your wildest dreams. The Vaishiya promise infinite wealth. The shudras promise the freedom to follow your dreams.


The Four Kingdoms each pursue different goals: peace, power, profit, and individual passions. All the Kingdoms are made up mostly of people of a certain mind-set. There are always people with different personalities who wish to pursue a different goal, so each Kingdom usually has an access to all six different sets of powers called: Creation, Destruction, Benevolence, Presence, Potence, and Science. Only the last four will be covered in the core book. Another supplement will cover the powers and their users who sometimes hide among the Four Kingdoms, similar enough to other Devas to pass for them. The powers in the core book cover:

  • Benevolence which affects healing and mind control.
  • Presence affects remote sensing and teleportation.
  • Potence affects matter and energy.
  • Science affects seeing, manipulating, and traveling in time itself.


There look to be an interesting card mechanic in this RPG, where the suits are representative of the 4Kingdoms, though there isn't much clarification in how the cards will be used in the game. They only hint in their narrative:

Diamonds represent the hard, outer shell of reality--the one that you and me see every day. Diamonds also represent the material world. Diamonds also symbolize the Vaishiya, whose outlook on life generally binds them harder to the real world than many of the others. Vaishiya often possess the Science power which controls time. The other groups are similar in this respect too. Kshatriya is symbolized by Spades (a kind of weapon, symbolizing the martial nature of the Kshatriya, Shudras are symbolized by Hearts (as Shudras are often very adept at influencing people around them), and the Brahmin whose Clubs symbolize the growing of living things (corresponding to their healing powers in particular).

4Kindgoms cards

This looks to be a very interesting RPG and seems to offer an interesting variance from the usual dungeon themes.

Will you be joining forces with one of the 4Kingdoms?

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