Scibor’s New Release Proves There Are Dwarf Women

May 13, 2015 by dracs

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Scibor Monstrous have released their new set of Female Dwarf Characters to fight alongside their bearded compatriots.

Female Dwarves

Now that we can see them finished, I have to say that I like these female models a bit more than Scibor's latest male dwarf units. Their armour isn't as bulky, meaning the sculpts aren't quite as stiff, while the differences in weapons facial features does give them a bit of character.

My particular favourite has to be the one with the Princess Leia hair.

Dwarf Women

This is mostly because I love those rough-and-ready hammers she's wielding. They look like someone chipped out two boulders and carved a rune on them. She definitely means business.

What is your final verdict on Scibor's female dwarves?

"I love those rough-and-ready hammers she's wielding... She definitely means business."

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