Scottish Knights & Siegecraft Come To Medbury Miniatures

March 3, 2023 by brennon

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Medbury Miniatures have been showcasing the new collection of 3D Printable miniatures that are available for the month of March over on Patreon and MyMiniFactory. Once again, there is a good split between both the Historical and the Fantasy with this set as we look at Scottish Knights and masters of siege warfare.

James Douglas - Medbury Miniatures

James Douglas // Medbury Miniatures

One of the focal miniatures for March as part of their Historical offering is James Douglas. Also known as The Black Douglas, this fellow was a fearsome knight who fought during the Wars Of Scottish Independence.

Douglas was a brutal and effective commander and was as adept in the shadows, sneaking into castles to infiltrate them as he was on the battlefield directing troops. He was a raider, border reaver and his skills meant that he climbed further and further up the political ladder until he was an invaluable addition to The Bruce's campaigns. He even has a brilliant story surrounding his final campaign and death that is worth reading.

The miniature here is based on the statue of him and some of the later depictions of him but he will still look awesome when leading an attack against the English on the tabletop. Talking of leading an attack, maybe he could be at the head of this large collection of Mounted Men At Arms.

Historical Releases March 2023 - Medbury Miniatures

Historical Releases March 2023 // Medbury Miniatures

This is another awesome set of miniatures from Medbury featuring a superb set of figures for rounding out your Medieval armies. You could use them as the English or the Scottish since the arms and armour were very similar but I think in this case, they need to fight alongside The Black Douglas!

Fantasy Releases!

As well as the Historical miniatures for March, we also have some great Fantasy miniatures as well. If you were looking to defend a white-walled city from the encroaching forces of darkness then you might want to call on these siege experts.

City Guard Captain - Medbury Miniatures

City Guard Captain // Medbury Miniatures

Leading the way for this month is the City Guard Captain who can be added into a nice vignette or as an individual, riding forth into battle. I really like the on-foot version shown above with his bow clutched tightly, watching over the unfolding battle and plotting his next move.

The additional miniatures for the Fantasy side of things include a massive trebuchet alongside the crew to man it.

Fantasy Releases March 2023 - Medbury Miniatures

Fantasy Releases March 2023 // Medbury Miniatures

You've also got a ballista at the ready as well, ready to pluck off a few annoying enemies that have managed to scamper free of collapsing siege towers. You've also got the stalwart City Guard that are going to be watching over the walls and keeping the enemy at bay. I like the mix of different armour styles and helmets on offer as well as the weapons they have too. You could make some great thematic warbands out of these.

The March releases are available for you to snap up over on Patreon and MyMiniFactory (linked earlier) so make sure to dive in if you like the look of them!

Do you have some favourites from this set of releases?

"One of the focal miniatures for March as part of their Historical offering is James Douglas..."

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