Set Sail With Spellcrow In Search Of New Orc Freebooter Pieces

October 12, 2014 by dracs

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Spellcrow have released a whole load of new bits and pieces to help you create your own Orc Freebooters with which to set sail upon the high seas.

Freebooters Orcs Bits

Spellcrow have been working on these pieces for a while and now and have released enough to build a complete crew of greenskin pirates.

Freebooter Orcs Torsos

Freebooters Orcs Guns

Freebooters Orcs Legs

Freebooters Orcs Sabers

All these different options make for great conversion accessories, but assembled together should make for some great and characterful orc buccaneers to field in games such as Freebooter's Fate or Cutlass.

Personally, I would use them as just an elite unit in a whole fantasy orc army. Spellcrow's cartoony style means they would fit in with most modern armies, while the pirate style would let them stand out as a separate unit.

Would you let these orcs aboard your ship?

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