Shieldwolf Charge to the Hills in a Mountain Orc Chariot

April 25, 2014 by dracs

Shieldwolf Miniatures are currently working on a new release for May that they are calling the "Charging Forest", part of which looks to include a new orc chariot to bring your greenskins charging down from the mountains.

Mountain Orc Chariot

Charging Forest WIP

The chariot certainly looks detailed, with the grain of the wood clearly picked out, along with the various adornments that the orcs have decorated it with.

Shieldwolf have described it as an addition to "the most brutal and detailed Orc army miniatures worldwide" (Shieldwolf Miniatures Facebook) and it is hard to fault them on this assessment. It will be interesting to see how this chariot looks when finished.

Have you seen Shieldwolf's orc range? What do you think o their take on the greenskins?

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