Show Strength As The Forces of Evil in Dragon’s Ransom

October 11, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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DR main pic

We're all familiar with the dungeon crawler type games- we play as the heroes, exploring dungeons, finding treasure and fighting the forces of evil to hopefully finish victorious. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. Sometimes the forces of darkness are just pretty darn strong and get the best of us. So what if we could take on the role of the darkness? Now you can in Kickstarter called Dragon's Ransom- A Reverse Dungeon Crawl Solo/Co-op Game by Tony Go.

DR Arcan Wizard card

This is a card game intended for solo play or 2 players, where you play the role of the minions within a dungeon crawl. Your mission is to overpower and defeat the heroes. You can do this by increasing your numbers for strong attacks, or by distraction with strategic placement of treasure and introducing quests to the heroes. What hero do you know that could ever turn down the challenge of a good quest!?

DR Rogue card

This game can be played in 30-60 minutes and thematically is a nod to D&D with familiar heroes and creatures that we all know and love and have come to expect in a good crawler.

Care to take on the role of the baddies in this reverse dungeon crawler?

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