Signum Games Gets Spooky With New Halloween Miniatures

September 22, 2021 by fcostin

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The leaves are falling from the trees, the days are becoming darker and the air feels just a lil dreary out there. It means that we are approaching Autumn, and the spooky season is right upon us. A time where we creative minds are on the hunt for mischief for all things creepy and scary. For me, I like to play Halloween themed board games, or ogle over some fearsome bases. It's a great time for me to put fake blood all over things and have fun with my painting.

Signum - Image One

Halloween Special Offers // Signum Games

Signum Games have switched focus early on, not messing around with September - providing a very special pre-order discount and bonus points on purchase for customers to get plenty of time to get their 2021 Halloween miniatures painted and ready on the table just in time for the 31st October.

If you are looking to get your hands on some Legend of Signum Halloween miniatures this year, Signum Games will be offering this discount for another 7 days, before the end of September during the pre-order period. With a huge range of different miniatures, both available as packs and individually wrapped.

Experimental Monsters NEW - Signum Games

The Experimental Monsters // Signum Games

The first set to head into the spooky season is the combination of mechanics and magic, containing five Experimental Monsters striking fear with weapons of true fury:

"Unlike living mercenaries, these guys rarely miss and never get tired. Mortville, the Heavy Hammer, is made to smash everything, whether enemy skulls or stone walls. Clumsy “Techno Abomination” may indeed amuse you with its awkwardness, but it will certainly amaze you with its extensive customization possibilities. Experimental Warriors are soldiers with different types of weapons resurrected by science. They are a pretty balanced squad of monsters for those who like the latest scientific discoveries."

The Scary Scarecrows NEW - Signum Games

The Scary Scarecrows // Signum Games

The second set, adding more whimsy by incorporating pumpkins in each sculpt, The Scary Scarecrows come out to play on their fearsome steeds:

"Sir Baghead, the Obsessed Scarecrow is a fashionista and big fan of the festivals. Appearance determines consciousness. Scarecrow Knight with Spear and Headless Scarecrow Knight are possessed by the spirits of proud and fearless knights. Mister Pumpkin the Gorgeous is the keeper of the traditions and eerie mysteries of the Last Harvest festival."

Signum - Image Four

The Last Harvest // Signum Games

Obviously given the discount. The best deal you can get out of Signum Games is by purchasing 'The Last Harvest' bundle which will provide you with all of the Halloween miniatures as part of the 2021 campaign. Less than £100 for a stunning band of Halloween themed hoodlums is a fantastic way to go - but do consider, once September is out the way, the 20% off will no longer remain, and you'll have to pay full price.

All of these miniatures are available to be purchased individually, however do not hold the 20% off - you are better off buying them as part of a bundle.

What Halloween themed tabletop hobby do you immerse yourself into this time of year? I think this year, I will be looking at some spooky terrain. Lots of orange and rust colours to fit in the theme for the creepiest day of the year! 

" Signum Games will be offering this discount for another 7 days, before the end of September during the pre-order period..."

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