Siren Miniatures Welcomes A Fantasy Knight To Their Range

December 7, 2017 by thisisazrael

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The small Polish team at Siren Miniatures are showing off another beautiful new mini with Idan, a fantasy knight.

Siren Miniatures Idan Eagle Knight Set

The team are known for some incredibly detailed and in some cases over the top miniatures, but this new release is more reserved while retaining great sculpting.

Idan is a member of the Eagle Guard order to coinside with other miniatures from Siren's ever growing range.

Siren Miniatures Idan Eagle Knight Right View

The mini has a steady looking combat pose and his armour means he'd easily work well with tabletop skirmish or RPG games.

Personally he gives me a strong Dark Souls feel and might work well as an alternate scupt for a DPS Knight.

Siren Miniatures Idan Eagle Knight Set Left View

The mini is 32mm heroic scale and is cast in high quality resin.

The kit consists of three parts, is about 31mm high and comes with a 40mm base.

What do you think of Siren's more composed model this time around?

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