Spellcrow Fill The Back Alleys With Their New Set of Rogues

October 28, 2014 by dracs

Spellcrow have a new set of miniatures available, giving you models suitable to fill your fantasy cities with Rogues of Back Alleys.

Rogues of Back Alleys

This set presents you with a particularly motley selection of fantasy figures, all of which would make superb additions to anyone's dungeon crawling collection. The orcs are particularly good, though I do wonder just where their elbows have disappeared to.

Along with these fantasy models, Spellcrow have previewed a new set of noise knight torsos for their scifi range.

Noise and Steam Knights

The addition of even more speakers to their armour means that you will hardly be able to miss these knights when they approach. However, Spellcrow have also said that they might make good sets for steam knights, the speakers turned into vents for the steam which powers them.

Do you like the look of Spellcrow's rogues? How do you think their noise / steam torsos would look as part of a full miniature?

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