Spellcrow Shake A Piratical Orcy Peg Leg

September 3, 2014 by dracs

Yar, it be a pirate's life for an Orc. Unfortunately, that pirate's life can lead to your orc losing a leg, in which case he might try one of Spellcrow's Freebooter peg-legs instead.

Freebooter Legs and Flayed Flesh

These Freebooter Legs feature the perfect prosthetic for your sea-faring green skins, while the arm and weapon options would most likely make for a welcome addition to your crew members as well.

Another interesting thing being shown off here is the Flayed Flesh. This is a new accessory Spellcrow are working on and from this preview I would say they're doing a good job. The addition of these to a model would make it all the more menacing and creepy to go up against.

Fancy yourself a peg-leg? Or will you decorate yourself with the skins of vanquished enemies?

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