Spellcrow’s Cigar Smoking Orc Could Be Bad for Your Health

May 14, 2014 by dracs

Spellcrow are showing off the latest of their orc WIP, with this one being perhaps the most characterful sculpt they have made so far.

Orc with Blunderbuss

Armed with a blunderbuss, cigar and a stylish mohawk, this orc is about as bad ass as it is possible to get while not having a heavy metal soundtrack blaring wherever you go.

While the orc model is more fantasy, I could easily imagine this mini turning up as a character piece in a sci-fi game, or even as an adventurer in a dungeon delving RPG. Whatever he turns up in, no one is going to argue while he's holding that blunderbuss!

Do you like Spellcrow's greenskin style?

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