Spike Up Your Mohawk And Join Hasslefree’s Latest Resin Barbarian

October 6, 2014 by dracs

Hasslefree Miniatures seem to be acting a little barbarous lately as they release another cool resin master sculpt, this time of a mohawk-sporting male fighter with Schwarzenegger sized muscles.

Zuun Akos

Zuun Akos seems to be your pretty standard barbarian hero, with skull belt and bulging biceps, made a bit different by the fact that unlike a lot of his fellow adventurers he remembered to put his trousers on this morning. The sculpt itself is decent, with Akos in the middle of running into battle. I could easily see this model turning up in many adventuring parties.

This is model will also be appearing in metal and is in fact an alternate take on an existing resin sculpt, Akos the Scorned.

Akos the Scorned

Of the two, I think I like the newer sculpt best as it features extra touches of detail that help establish more of an individual character to the model.

Are you looking for a barbarian hero for your adventuring party?

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