Troll Forged Send Goblin Halbadiers After New Dwarf Characters

December 7, 2017 by dracs

Troll Forged have released a couple of new classic fantasy figures on their webstore, including a unit of goblins and a trio of dwarf character models.

Goblin Guard

The first to march is a unit of Goblin Halbadiers.


These goblins look suitably monstrous, the sort of half-comical troops the dark lord of a classic fantasy film would be proud of.

The sculpts have a cool, retro design to them. They would not look out of place in an piece of 1980s fantasy.

Dwarf Heroes and Villains

Hurrying to escape these greenskin troops are three new dwarf characters.

The Mercenary.

Dwarf Mercenary

The Shieldbearer.

Dwarf Shieldbearer

The Wizard.

Dwarf Wizard

Again, the dwarfs here have a nice, retro look, more like fairy tale characters than Tolkein dwarfs.

Of the three, the wizard may be my favourite. There is a suitable villain if ever I saw one. I can imagine him hobbling up the stares of his castle, cackling and wheezing to himself as he prepares to enact a great work of dark madness.

Which of the models here do you like best?

"[The Goblins are] the sort of troops the dark lord of a classic fantasy film would be proud of."

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