The Troll King Reigns Over Fenris Games

May 21, 2014 by dracs

Once again it is time to start shouting Trooooll! at the top of our voices, as a massive 75mm Troll King has appeared for pre-order at Fenris Games.

Troll King

Troll King Scale

This Troll King is great, with a ton of gribbly detail and towering over any hero who might be unfortunate enough to face it. The general style of the troll seems very much in keeping with the old Games Workshop mountain trolls, and I could quite easily imagine him being used to represent Throgg the Troll King from the Warriors of Chaos army.

If I do have one complaint, it would be the stance. The way it has one arm stretched out like that, it either looks like he is giving someone the finger or is trying to recite from Hamlet. And if a troll starts quoting Shakespeare I think we're all in trouble.

Will Fenris' Troll King reign supreme in your fantasy games?

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