Trolls, Gnomes & Eric! New Releases Arrive For Moonstone!

November 16, 2022 by brennon

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Goblin King Games has revealed the new releases coming to the 32mm Fantasy world of Moonstone! There are three new sets for you to snap up, allowing you to dive deeper into this whimsically awesome skirmish game.

New Releases - Moonstone DEC

New Releases // Moonstone

The first of the miniatures we're going to be looking at is Eric The Enlightened!

Eric The Enlightened - Moonstone

Eric The Enlightened // Moonstone

Eric The Enlightened is the product of the Fate Of Eric Community Event that was run by Goblin King Games earlier in the year. He has now been taken in by the Leshavult faction and comes with the Cultist keyword. He now rides into battle atop his magnificent steed with enchanted javelins in hand.

The Leshavit's shield that he carries can cancel all damage once per game and his Enchanted Bladestorm ability will cause all sorts of chaos when it comes to unleashing that important mega attack that changes the course of the game.

The next of the miniatures that has been added to the range is the Troll named Knoll.

Knoll - Moonstone

Knoll // Moonstone

Knoll is one of the kind-hearted members of his kin who is able to draw on powerful healing skills to keep folks up and fighting. He has access to Healing and Trollish Remedies for use in the heart of gameplay plus a big stick for when people get too close. It seems a big bonus for your healer to a massive troll who takes some effort to take down.

Last but not least, we have the Rune Fated which is a new Norse Gnome Troupe Box.

Bjorn - Moonstone

Bjorn // Moonstone

This set is made out of three miniatures starting with Bjorn. He is a big (relatively) mercenary who has the might of a bear and mead on hand for good measure. He can go into a berserk fury which could be very handy when dealing with annoyingly hard-to-shift foes.

Keeping with the theme of wild characters, we also have Olim here.

Olim - Moonstone

Olim // Moonstone

He is the son of Nordic royalty and as you can see, comes riding into battle on the back of his trusty hound called Emlyn. He brings some famous Buttermilk Elixir into the heart of the fighting and his look of innocence might end up saving him from the biggest clubs aimed at his head.

Live finished off this gnomish collection and can help with a look ahead into the future.

Live - Moonstone

Liv // Moonstone

Reading and manipulating the runes can aid you if you guess correctly during your activation with plenty of in-game bonuses. Plus, you can even manipulate the runes to make it even easier for you to gain the benefits. This comes alongside the additional healing and buffing abilities of the character.

Could you be tempted by these new miniatures for the world of Moonstone?

"The first of the miniatures we're going to be looking at is Eric The Enlightened!"

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