The Volva & Valkyries Come To Conquest + Updated Plastic Minis!

August 29, 2022 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames has opened up pre-orders for some brand new 35mm releases for the Nords to use in Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood. First up, the Nords are getting themselves a new character in the form of the Volva.

Nords Volva - Conquest

Nords - Volva // Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings

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The Volva come from amongst the smartest and most accomplished of the Valkyries and are schooled in rituals and mysticism. They can use their faith-based magic to lead their followers and push them to acts of great violence. The miniature is looking great and captures that seer vibe (especially with the blindfold) whilst also getting across the warrior culture behind the Valkyries.

Taking the Valkyrie vibes to the next level, there is also a brand new regiment of them that you can add to your Nord armies.

Nords Valkyries - Conquest

Nords - Valkyries // Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings

These are soldier brides of their living gods and will give their lives for these divine champions on the battlefield. You can see that in their arms and armour, decked out in the panoply of war, turning them into something talismanic when pushing forward into the heart of battle.

I like that you have a nice degree of variance in the bits that you can play with when building the miniatures. It makes all of them feel like individual warriors that are powerful in their own right. I particularly liked the masked/winged helm shown on the far right. I am getting God Of War vibes from that!

Updated Plastic Miniatures

As well as the new miniatures available to pre-order, there are also some returning miniatures in plastic too. These returning models have been updated or tweaked to match the new material and should be easier to work with.

Nords Blooded Plastic - Conquest

Nords - Blooded (Plastic) // Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings

For starters, we have this new plastic Blooded. I quite liked the old one but I think this one is particularly dynamic and a good option for those wanting to lead a First Blood warband perhaps. I like that there are plenty of Viking/Norse vibes in the design but also something a little more uniquely Conquest too. You see that in the armour design in particular.

The Bow Chosen are also returning in plastic!

Nords Bow Chosen Plastic - Conquest

Nords - Bow Chosen (Plastic) // Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings

This was one of my favourite sets when it initially came out for the Nords as it properly sold the aesthetic of the faction for me. The 35mm scale has really allowed the folks at Para Bellum to have fun with their sculpts and the detail on them. I also love that they "feel" like a skirmishing warband, rushing through the undergrowth to hunt down their prey.

Last but not least, we also got a new miniature for the Dweghom. This is one of the Hold Raegh that could be used to lead an army of Para Bellum's Dwarvish folk in First Blood of The Last Argument Of Kings.

Dweghom Hold Raegh Plastic - Conquest

Dweghom - Hold Raegh (Plastic) // Conquest

Much like with the Blooded, I was impressed by the initial miniature for the Hold Raegh but I think this takes things to the next level. He is posed in the midst of delivering a killing blow to either some poor mortal foe or some massive and terrifying beast. I figure that axe could decapitate most things.

The new plastic miniatures might also be an interesting option for those who already own these miniatures. Pick up a new kit and use it in your army without having to resort to using the same pose as before.

Are you tempted by the new miniatures for the Nords and Dweghom?

"I am getting God Of War vibes!"

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