W’adrhŭn Raptor Riders & Warbred Unleash Dino Power On Conquest

April 13, 2021 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames has been previewing some new elite options for the W’adrhŭn of Conquest. One of the excellent things about the W’adrhŭn is that they get to play with dinosaurs and that means Raptor Riders!

Wadrhun Raptor Riders - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Raptor Riders // Conquest

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When the W’adrhŭn were subjected to the genetic experiments that created them as a faction, some of them have developed a supernatural empathy with beasts. The females of the W’adrhŭn seem to bond well with carnivores and predators whilst males bond with herbivores. This has meant that many warrior women from within the ranks of the W’adrhŭn have been able to bond with deadly raptors!

Now, these riders work as one on the battlefield. The riders bring their strength and skill at arms whilst the raptors get stuck in with rending claws and snapping jaws. This looks like a great set that adds a massive dose of colour to the W’adrhŭn army.

Stepping away from the lithe and the dextrous, we also have the brutish and the brutal. Man, I love the look of these W’adrhŭn Warbred models!

Wadrhun Warbred - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Warbred // Conquest

Shunned by regular W’adrhŭn society, the Warbred were created for one thing. Battle. They are absolutely terrifying in battle, using their immense strength to quite literally smash their way through ranks of enemy soldiers. Each of the Warbred seeks to atone for the sins of its birth and earn a place within the Cult Of War.

I love that there are reptilian elements built into these miniatures, harking back to the strange genetic experiments that they have undergone and the twisted nature of their birth. I think these would be absolutely fantastic to paint, especially when picking out all of those twisted muscles.

What do you make of these elite options for the W’adrhŭn?

"Man, I love the look of these W’adrhŭn Warbred models!"

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