Wardens & Initiates Join The Dweghom Of Conquest

July 14, 2022 by brennon

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The Dweghom of Conquest are getting themselves a brand new 35mm dual kit for use when making your armies for The Last Argument Of Kings and warbands in First Blood. See what you make of the Wardens and Initiates that are available from Para Bellum Wargames right now.

Dweghom Wardens Box - Conquest

Dweghom Wardens Box // Conquest

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The first of the boxed sets that we're looking at focuses on the Wardens. The Wardens have a distinctly classical Dwarven look to them compared to some of the other releases for the Dweghom. Armed with deadly axes and war picks, they are often sent down into the darkness to protect the Holds from whatever dangers dwell in their depths. They find themselves wrapped up in a relentless life of conflict making them a deadly unit indeed.

Dweghom Wardens Miniatures - Conquest

Dweghom Wardens Miniatures // Conquest

This gives you another pretty awesome infantry option for your Dweghom armies that seem like they would be super fun to paint. I love the big flowing robes and the way the armour feels like it has been designed to give them as much movement as possible. I like that even their banner is a weapon!

These particular warriors remind me a lot of the Dwarves in Dragon Age who fight down in the depths until they are taken by some terrible monster. You could seriously paint them up as a proper Legion Of The Dead.

The second option made using this kit is the Initiates of the Dweghom.

Dweghom Initiates Box - Conquest

Dweghom Initiates Box // Conquest

These are those prospective members of the Ardent Creed who have been banded together so they can experience some real danger on the battlefield. Behind their massive shields and with big spears in hand, they work together to hold the line or perhaps even push forward and crush their foes under a weight of metal and muscle.

Dweghom Initiates Miniatures - Conquest

Dweghom Initiates Miniatures // Conquest

It's neat to see the Conquest take on the "Beardling" idea with their short, shorn faces and bald heads. I could just imagine these warriors holding a tight tunnel as waves and waves of Spires Clones slam into those shields.

So, two awesome new sets to choose from when it comes to Conquest and the Dweghom. Whilst I am a big fan of the Nords, it is nice to see more popping up for the Dweghom.

Are you liking the look of these miniatures?

"I like that even their banner is a weapon! "

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