A Wargamer’s Valentine – How To Keep Your Other Half Happy!

February 13, 2015 by brennon

Since it's nearly Valentines Day we thought we'd share with you our sure fire ways of keeping your partner happy. While you're out having a nice meal this weekend keep these words of wisdom, these ten commandments some would say, safely locked away in your head and you'll have a perfectly happy wargaming life!*


Don't Let Them See How Much You're Spending!

We all have those moments where we wince at the amount we're spending on plastic soldiers, but that's nothing to how your partner will feel! After all, if they find you spent the groceries allowance on new minis, they may just be tempted to feed THOSE to you. That's why it is essential to keep the money spent on minis a secret, possibly by setting up an account in Sweden under a false name. Maybe your partner won't notice that growing stack of un-glued sprues?

Praise the Miracle of Superglue!

One of the big benefits of having a wargamer as a partner is that you always have some handy hobby stuff within arm's reach! If something breaks, your magic superglue that holds together metal dragons will surely do the trick! Soon you'll find that your superglue not only holds your stuff together, but will help keep you and your partner close too. Though usually hot water or paint thinner can help with that.

The Furniture is NOT For Painting!

When painting and gluing minis it is tempting to relax in the nice comfy armchair, right? WRONG! Stay in the kitchen or the garage, or else you may face your partner's wrath. I'm sure a sword arm stuck to the sofa or a big paint splodge on the coffee table weren't in the plans for the overall decor of the house, and when this happens you may find you'll be spending the night on that armchair after all.

Never Leave Your Minis All Over The House!

We all know that the mark of a true gamer is miniatures covering every surface in the house.Your partner may have a different view. Get yourself some proper storage, less you come home one day to find a suspiciously full black bin liner!

Clean the Damn Mug!

You may think it is a romantic gesture to make your significant other a cuppa, but not when the mug is still full of paint! For one thing, some paints are poisonous, but you can bet they will take you with them when they realize what's up with the Earl Grey. So best to wash up a bit. Better still, get your own dedicated painting mug, but make sure to not place it too near to your own brew!

Wargaming House

You're Doing This for the Kids!

When your partner starts complaining that you're spending too much time on your miniatures, just remind them you're not doing this for you, it's for the kids. Miniature gaming will be something to bring you all closer together and one day you will be able to hand down your well painted armies to the next generation. Of course they're not allowed to play with it now!

Don't Try And Get Them Into Gaming!

Excuse me miss, have you let Warhammer into your heart? You may think that gaming will be the perfect way for you and your partner to spend time together, but you are WRONG! Best case scenario, they will stand there in sullen silence as you blather on about how good this model is. Worse case, they will brain you with the rule book.

Talk About The Transferable Skills For DIY!

While it might not entirely be true, the fact that you spend hours pouring over diagrams of how to put together models should make you a dab hand with the Ikea furniture, or indeed any odd jobs around the house. On top of that, your creativity has reached peak potential through wargaming so you might even be able to plan some of your own ideas. Like turning your shared bedroom into a shrine for your collection!

"I Could Be Rotting My Mind On A Video Game..."

No more hogging the TV that's for sure. While you might have to make them sit through another marathon or two of Lord of the Rings, the TV will usually be open to watch while you get on with your hobby! If you've got a games console lying around you won't be hogging that either so they can go and shout at people online while you work away on your armies.

Wargaming Room

"I'm Learning All About History, and War, and err...Fightin'"

All those battlefield tactics that you're learning about on the tabletop had a place in history. While it might be all battles the amount of tangential learning you'll pick up, learning about history and so forth, will be of great use to both you, them and your children. They are sure to find military tactics and weapons' specs as fascinating as you do.

So there you have it. Ten sure fire ways to keep your partner happy over the course of their relationship with a wargamer. I'm sure you'll all agree these are possibly THE best ways to ensure a happy relationship and if they haven't worked for you then clearly you're not doing them right! Not our fault!

How do you keep your other half happy when gaming? What rules do you follow (like you need to come up with more...these are awesome)?

*Disclaimer - Beasts of War is/is not responsible for any happy relationships/terrible fall outs that happen as a result of you following these rules.

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