A Warrior Monk Shows His Ugly Face in Anakron’s New Bust

September 1, 2014 by dracs

Anakron Workshop have come out with a new bust to help you practice and show off all those painting skills you've been working on. Meet the not-so-holy looking Warrior Monk.

Warrior Monk Bust

Warrior Monk Bust Back

This fellow might not be precisely what you would have in mind when you think "warrior monk." The sculpt has a load of detail, right down to scratches and pock marks of his armour. This is one monk who definitely doesn't mind getting his hands dirty when engaged in ecumenical matters.

The bust also comes with two options for the head, letting you choose whether or not this Warrior Monk would wear a helmet or trust in his faith to protect his noggin.

Warrior Monk Bust No Helmet

Whether or not you think this bust suits the role of monk, you cannot deny there is a ton of character to the sculpt's design, helped by a good paint job to show it off.

What is your opinion of this man of the cloth?

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