White Knight Miniatures Face a Halfling Zombie Invasion

February 27, 2014 by dracs

No race is safe from the necrotic terror of a zombie plague, as White Knight Miniatures' new selection of rotting Halflings show.

Halfling Zombie Choker

Halfling Zombie Reacher

Halfling Zombie Snacker

Halfling Zombie Split Personality

Halfling Zombie Dancer

These miniatures are full of personality. There are a lot of zombie miniatures on the market and it is always great to see some variety added to the line up.

Adding a couple of these to a horde of the undead will help to give them a more unique look and will help break up the monotony of just having human zombies. After all, the dead come in all shapes and sizes.

Might some of these rise from their graves to haunt your tabletop?

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