Something Wicked in the Forest From Victory Force Miniatures

July 28, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Sometimes minis just speak to you. Sometimes they are trees. Strange? Maybe. But I'm ok with that.


I found these really cool "living" trees from Victory Force Miniatures, and I just love them. Obviously, they lend themselves to the storybook genre (Wizard of Oz), but that aside, I can easily envision these on other fantasy tables. Can you not see it? Any forest that lies between your forces of good and the forces of evil can have a "dark forest" between, full of plenty of character...or characters.

Ol' Dry Rot

This line has 6 cool pieces to offer something wicked to your forest. There's the largest piece, Ol' Dry Rot, and 5 other smaller pieces with equally clever/obvious names: Stumpy, Squints, Asher, Stubs, and Elmer. It kind of sounds like a tree version of the seven dwarfs.


Something wicked lies in a dark forest...Will your forest have this kind of character?

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