Wild Halflings & Walrus Riders Coming Soon From TTCombat!

June 11, 2020 by brennon

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I bet you've considered making a Halfling army before right? Well, TTCombat has turned things up to eleven with their teaser of what's coming for their own Fantasy Halfling range soon. Shieldmaidens, Walrus Riders and War Bears are going to be stomping onto your tabletop!

Halfling Shieldmaidens - TTCombat.jpg

Halfling Shieldmaidens // TTCombat

First up, we have this band of rather wild-looking Halfling Shieldmaidens who are going to be protecting your village from raiders and the like. The regiment comes with options to arm your Halflings with a selection of different hand weapons as well as those big round shields for forming a shieldwall. You've also got a command element in there with a Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician in the mix.

If you thought that that unit was cool, wait until you see the Walrus Riders!

Halfling Walrus Cavalry - TTCombat

Halfling Walrus Cavalry // TTCombat

Who would have guessed that massive Walrus would be the way to build up the cavalry for your Halfling force? These massive creatures are pretty vicious when they get riled up and with plenty of tusks bearing down on you, I'd imagine you'd be pretty spooked! Again, you have the core of your cavalry here as well as a command element which is leading them into battle.

Finally, for this Halfling army with a spin, we also have the War Bears!

Halfling War Bears - TTCombat.jpg

Halfling War Bears // TTCombat

I have always considered building an army which is nothing but bears. Seriously, it would be made up of bears when it came to troops, leaders and all! These might be a good shout for that kind of idea or as a thundering line breaker option in your force. These bears are certainly well-loved considering the armour they are wearing and the gems which have been added to the designs. Perhaps the gems hold magical power which amplified their potential on the battlefield?

What do you make of these rather fun new options for Halfling generals?

"What do you make of these rather fun new options for Halfling generals?"

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