Willy Say Fangs to Vampire Backers with Exclusive Mini

May 14, 2014 by dracs

Willy Miniatures have managed to get enough funding on their IndieGoGo campaign to start working on a cool team of vampires, and as a way of saying fangs to all those who are supporting, they are bringing out an IndieGoGo exclusive Vampire Thrall.

Female Thrall

When you think of a vampire's thrall you tend to think of someone like Renfield from the book Dracula, a man pretty much out of his mind and not in control of his actions. You don't tend to think of a woman who looks more than capable of handling herself on the football pitch.

The model design is beautiful, as you might expect from Willy, and promises a fantastic and useful character model, as well as a good half-time snack for your vampire.

If you want to join the Vampire team, be sure to head over to IndieGoGo today.

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