Willy Miniatures Get the Dinner on for their Halfling Team

June 4, 2014 by dracs

Willy Miniatures have released two new Halflings to support their short, rotund players.

Working out strategies and making sure the players stay in top shape, we have the Halfling Coach.

Halfling Coach

This coach looks fantastic. Just to look at him you can tell he was an old star player, now gone to grass. It's a sculpt with a ton of character and comedy, from the jutting belly to the rather strange bum flap in his trousers.

Now they say an army marches on its stomach. A small team of Halflings can hold parades on theirs, so the Cook is an all important addition.

Halfling Cook

This chef is an atypical example of his kind, bringing a big pot of soup or stew to keep the players hale and hearty. Or possibly to accidentally spill on the ref when they need a distraction.

Will either of these two be helping your team along to victory?

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