When the World Of Ale & Dwarfs Collide, You Get Brewmasters

July 29, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Clan 1

Any fan of dwarfs, ale, or dwarfs AND ale, will be sure to love this Kickstarter. The Clan McFiggin Dwarf Brewmasters by Oathsworn Miniatures captures the grittiness we love in dwarfs with the added bonus of ale and Highlands flavour!

Clan 2

There are 12 different characters, which can be ordered in sets of 4 or all together. The 23-24mm minis will be cast in pewter with 30mm round plastic bases, and there will also be a resin option available for those looking for nonmetal minis.

Clan 3

Will this ale weilding clan be finding a place on your table?

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