Exploring the Underside of Fanticide Gives us the Creeps!

June 7, 2012 by brennon

So we have looked to the skies of Nowhere but what things that dwell beneath the earth? Let's take a look at what wonderful beings make up its denizens from Alien Dungeon...

Creeps #1

These are the Creeps! This game really is shaping up to be one that is completely off the wall. Or under the wall. Or in the wall? Either of those might apply to the world of Fanticide.

Nowhere Underside

Creeps #2

The concept art above is where they dwell and as you can see the Creeps are rather happy about it. I could deal with them (just about) if it wasn't for those rather eerie bulging eyes atop their bodies. I can certainly see them being both great in this game and as dungeon dwelling monsters for Role Playing games.

What do you make of these new creatures from Fanticide?

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