The Fae Arrive in Alien Dungeon’s World of Fanticide Nowhere

June 12, 2012 by brennon

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So we've seen Flying Monkeys and Gorillas and even some eye bulging Creeps from Alien Dungeon for Fanticide but let's go into the woods of Nowhere now and uncover some creatures of the Fae in the Bogies...

Fae Bogies

"Sprytes also wield great strength through the Bogies; ancient, slumbering tree creatures that wake upon  summoning.  These tree monsters are swift and agile when they awake, and traverse through the Forest with ease, responding to the Sprytes’ malevolent whims."

The Fae are one of the more dangerous races in the world of Nowhere (to be honest, most of them are pretty nasty!). These guys need no provoking to turn on you and cause some pain.

I like their open yawning maws ready to devour unfortunate passersby.

Have these Bogies made you wonder about the world of Fanticide?

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