Fat Dragon Games Construct Ravenfall On Kickstarter

January 16, 2014 by brennon

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The Kickstarter for Fat Dragon Games next project has gone live. The streets and buildings of Ravenfall will be coming to life with a fully modular building kit that folds flat too!

Ravenfall Terrain #1

Ravenfall Terrain #2

As you can see above the finish on this terrain can be pretty awesome and I love the texture and look of the buildings. It's very typical 'fantasy/historical' so you could get away with using it for a range of different games.

Ravenfall Terrain Layers

Ravenfall Terrain Unfolded

The terrain comes flat and is assembled using tabs to hold it together. Each level of the housing is also modular so you can swap out the tops and bottoms of buildings to change up your village from time to time.

Ravenfall Props

The Kickstarter is also looking to release some props as well which will bring the village to life and give it that lived in feeling. Props are also awesome for role-playing games. I think it's about time to toss that town guard down the well!

The fundraiser also allows you to get a hold of textures that can't be found after the fact, so if you want to make Ravenfall you better get pledging.

What do you think?

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