Fat Dragon Games Take A Trip Down the Docks

January 14, 2015 by dracs

The latest Ravenfell set of printable terrain will be coming out this week from Fat Dragon Games, giving you a place to tie up your boat. Welcome to the Ravenfell Docks.

Ravenfell Docks

We tend to think of docks as rather salubrious settings, filled with cutthroats, vagabonds, smugglers and maybe the occasional honest fisherman who wondered in by mistake. This, of course, makes them the perfect place for adventurers to find work in an RPG.

Fat Dragon's Ravenfell set are of a consistently high quality of design. Far from being a couple of sheds on some platforms, little characteristics like the nets hanging from the walls and the light patterns under the walkways give this set the character that marks it out as the docks.

Do you ever use print out terrain? Think you might pay a visit to the Ravenfell Docks?

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