Fat Dragon Work on the Obligatory Sewer Level

November 24, 2014 by dracs

Fat Dragon Games have put up a preview of the next Ravenfell paper terrain set. It's time to go exploring some sewers.

Ravenfell Sewers Terrain

Sewers are a go to environment for fantasy gaming and it's easy to see why, sending the adventuring parties to explore dark, twisting underground passages where all sorts of unpleasant things might float.

This small preview promises a very cool gaming environment for your games and I particularly like the flowing... probably best to think of it as water. A set like this would be excellent to explore in RPGs or as a setting for skirmish games. Malifaux in particular would suit this as the underground sewers are a major part of its setting.

Have you ever used any of Fat Dragon's terrain? What do you think of this sewer set?

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