Grab Mjolnir As A Kickstarter Reward For Gulveig Card Game!

February 6, 2014 by brennon

Fate of the Norns: Gulveig is sounding like an ace card game in it's own right, but when we saw that one of the rewards for one lucky backer would be Mjolnir itself we sat up, looked in our wallets, and wished we had $2000...

Fate of the Norns Art

Gulveig Cards

Gulveig sees the Goddess of Aravice herself pitting the different mythological clans of the Norse world against each other, competing for points and victory as you claim treasure cards in the centre of the play area.

The artwork for this game is awesome and I am a big fan of the viking theme so I might have to jump in on this one as it comes to a close. As if that wasn't enough they also opened up this new pledge level...

Hammer of the Gods


Yes, this pledge level (which is why we were wanting $2000!) nets you a very, very cool looking Mjolnir of your very own. It looks massive, as you'd might expect from the hammer wielded by Thor and will be one of very few in existence. In fact I think only one other exists out there.

As you can see it has runs carved into the head and the work that's gone into it looks ace. So if you feel like buying me this I would be eternally grateful.

Fancy jumping in on this game?

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