Did You Head To Feast Of Blades Last Weekend?

October 16, 2013 by brennon

If you made your way to Feast of Blades last weekend (11th to 13th of October) then you might have bumped into Casey Roberts! He was there with his Tau and Ork alliance, something we've been covered in our Road to Feast of Blades series. Check out some images of the event below taken by him...

X-Wing #1

X-Wing #2


Super Dungeon Explore

Ork Waaagh!

Infinity On The Table

Infinity Figs

As you can see there appear to have been a lot of games being run, from Infinity to Warhammer 40,000 (of course!) at the event and with a variety of games you get an awesome selection of painted stuff too. I do like the look of that massive X-Wing game!

Imperial Guard Painting


Heldrake Attack


Board Gaming

Hopefully once we get everything up and running properly you will be able to see some After Action Reports, something in the vein of what Warren and Dave did after their Flames of War tournament, showing you exactly what they thought of their various games.

Eldar Titan

Eldar Painting

Eldar Advance

Those last few pictures remind me of Games Day and Golden Daemon! So many Wraith knights all over the place, and I do like the look of that one with the skull emblazoned atop its helmet. Very epic.

So, did you go to Feast of Blades? If so we want you to drop some comments below talking about your experience be it as a gamer or as someone just going along for the fun of it.

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