Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Kickstarter Campaign Blasts Off!

February 28, 2017 by brennon

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Relic Knights: 2nd Edition is now available on Kickstarter with a short and snappy campaign for you to get stuck into. Helmed by the mighty Ninja Division and Soda Pop they're bringing you an awesome Two-Player Starter Set packed with epic looking anime-style miniatures.

Relic Knights Box

Inside this new box, you're going to get two factions battling it out, the Radiant and the Void. You might remember them from our themed week which we ran not long ago. You can see that HERE where we went into detail about all of the different factions available for the game.

Relic Knights Gameplay

Here's a full list of just what you're going to be getting inside the box...

  • Small format Relic Knights 2nd Edition Rulebook. This book includes the complete rules to the game!
  • Quickstart manual, featuring several scenarios to walk you through the steps to learn the game.
  • 35 point, Radiant Cadre, including Bang-Bang, Mr. Milky, Miss Kaylee, and three Sundown Enforcers.
  • 35 point, Void Cadre, including Tahariel, Cupid, Mikhal, and three Dark Pinions.
  • 2'x2' paper battle mat, plus quick assembly card terrain.
  • Two Esper Decks
  • One token sheet, featuring objective markers, effect tokens, and range rulers.

The main rulebook contains everything you need to get playing while the Void Break book continues the story. You will also find you can snap up some upgrade cards too which will be useful for those with 1st Edition miniatures. Talking of miniatures, take a closer look at the two factions...

Void Cadre

Of the two factions that are included in the box, I think I'd have to plump for the Radiant Cadre. I really love those big chunky troopers they have in the set and who could pass up a character hanging around with a little cow!

Radiant Cadre Miniatures

If you're interested in finding out how the game plays then make sure to check out the Gameplay Video at the top of the page which goes into detail about all of the mechanics on offer. You can also download the rules too and give them a once-over yourself.

Make sure to give Kickstarter page a look too as they've also explained some of the mechanics there too. The card-based mechanics are really fascinating and it's nice to see more games using them over the traditional dice format we're used to.

Pledges & Stretch Goals

So, how do you go about actually getting your hands on the game? Well, you can pledge at these three levels to really get stuck in with the game...

Hero Pledge

Questing Knight Pledge

Relic Knight Pledge

There are also additional pledge options which will allow you to get in at the $1 level to give you access to the Pledge Manager later on down the line and another which just gets you the Pin-Up model, exclusive to the campaign.

In terms of Stretch Goals, here's the roadmap for their future content which will give you an idea of how far they've come so far and what to look forward to as well!

Stretch Goals

There's plenty on the horizon for this game so make sure to keep an eye on things as they continue to explode over the next fourteen days or so. If you're a big fan of Relic Knights in its past incarnation and the anime style that they've gone for then we recommend checking this out.

Will you be backing the campaign?

"If you're interested in finding out how the game plays then make sure to check out the Gameplay Video..."

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