Hobby VLOG: Altar Of The Succubi Full Build | Raging Heroes

March 19, 2020 by johnlyons

John has a monstrous endeavour in front of him as he builds and paints the Altar Of The Succubi from Raging Heroes.

Hobby VLOG: Altar of the Succubi Full Build | Raging Heroes

It's a beautifully detailed model and a potentially delicate build. In this video John builds the model from scratch starting with scrubbing the pieces down then moving on to assembly and finally a gap filling exercise.

The latter part of the process was something John didn't look forward to given he hadn't too much experience with green stuff across such an extensive model. But after thinking about how to approach it John showed a real hobbyists determination and learned some useful things to take into his next projects.

What is the most ambitious hobby project you have ever embarked on?

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