Community Spotlight: A Legendary Barbarian, Stompy Robots & An Ogre Chief

December 23, 2016 by crew

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Wrapping up for this year we have another Community Spotlight looking at some of the work you've been doing in the run-up to the holidays over in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

Let's dive right in there and take a look at some excellent hobbying!

Conan Miniatures by subedai

subedai has been working on his Conan miniatures for a while and you can see them coming to life over on his forum thread linked above. But, we got a look at the work he's done on the heroes recently including Conan, Hadrathus and Shevatas; the recommended three heroes for the first scenario.

Conan Miniatures #1 by subedai

We think these look bloody fantastic and the work that's gone into bringing them to life uses some simple techniques with some more high detailed work here and there. Working on so much exposed flesh and muscle isn't easy and I think he's made both Conan and Shevatas stand out especially.

But, that's not all he's been working on as the Giant Snake also took shape!

Conan Miniatures #2 by subedai

Now that is something special. Using real-life snake patterns (I'm fairly sure there is a wild snake like this) he's really added a massive splash of colour to the tabletop. With the clear base, I think it looks even more impressive on the board below.

Finally, he also painted up some of the Pict Hunters recently too...

Conan Miniatures #3 by subedai

These are the slightly more brutal version of the Pict Hunters who can act as blockers in-game, meaning that you need to deal with them before you make your escape. Once again with a fairly simple scheme, he's made them stand out wonderfully. Nice one buddy!

Konflikt '47 Walker by geekaylee

With a love for big stompy robots prevalent in the studio, it seems apt that we next turn out attention to the work of geekaylee as she has finished up another awesome big stompy robot for the Weird World Wargaming of Konflikt '47.

Konflikt '47 Walker #1 by geekaylee

In a superb looking shade of red, this looks like something ripped from the pages of an old action packed comic book and dropped onto the tabletop. The extra metallic detail work across the body really makes it pop too.

Konflikt '47 Walker #2 by geekaylee

The cockpit being done in that bright blue acts as a nice 'pop' against the darker tones used across the whole model. In terms of big stompy robots, I think this qualifies as one of the best we've seen in a while.

Ogor Icebrow Hunter by andz

Since I'm in a bit of an Age of Sigmar mood at the moment this project from andz caught my attention. The revamp of the background for the Ogors meant that we got to see more of this miniature and I think it's one of the best from their range. Check out the Icebrow Hunter...

Icebrow Hunter #1 by andz

Strangely enough, the Ogors (or Ogres as they were called previously) had always been a side I would have loved to collect but as my main opponent had an army of them it didn't seem like a good idea. Still, I have always loved the 'Hunter' style of the Ogors and characters like this.

Icebrow Hunter #2 by andz

The model has been exceptionally well painted with lots of care and attention going into the look of the weapon and making sure to keep the colours of the clothing different enough from the skin tones. I really am a big fan of that ice club!

So there you have it. Another week of fantastic work by the community pushing on to do more and more work of our own.

Remember to always come and share your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum because we love seeing all kinds of hobby time, no matter what your skill level. We also have a friendly community looking to offer you support and advice as you get to work - we always learn something new!

What will be your first project of 2017?

"I have always loved the 'Hunter' style of the Ogors and characters like this..."

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