Gates Of Antares – Battle For Xilos Episode Four Kicks Off

July 13, 2016 by brennon

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We're back to let you know that the next episode in the ongoing Battle For Xilos Campaign by Warlord Games for Beyond The Gates Of Antares is now up and running. Welcome to the Tunnel Complex...

Episode 4 Tunnel Complex

"With the discovery of the tunnel network, the forces of the Concord, the Algoryn, Freeborn and Boromites concentrate their efforts towards the search for abandoned Builder technology. In the half-lit tunnels and caverns impromptu skirmishes between these factions are common. In the process the explorers often find themselves perilously close to the underground redoubts of the Ghar.

The Ghar themselves wait until their enemies penetrate their own outer defences, allowing Ghar forces to completely encircle their target before striking."

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Karyle's Battle Report

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