Gates Of Antares – Battle For Xilos Episode Three Launches Today

July 4, 2016 by tgu3

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Warlord Games have now launched the third episode for The Battle For Xilos Campaign. We're now heading towards the half way point and things are hotting up for Beyond The Gates Of Antares...


"Expeditions are launched to occupy and explore the better preserved of the ruins. This unexplored region is known to contain the ruins of a substantial Builder site. The site has already been badly damaged by Ghar pollution, and it is vital to recover what remains of Builder technology before it is destroyed entirely.

The relics of Xilos represent a huge potential for wealth and power, and some may even have a battle field use..."

Join The Fight & Download The Mission Briefing

You can download the Mission Briefing document HERE which tells you all you need to know about next battle you will be fighting.

Register As A Commander To Download The Briefing

The focus is on Concord, Algoryn, Freeborn and Boromite forces on the one side and Ghar on the other but you can use any forces to fight out this engagement to tell a different story.

Will you be taking on this latest challenge?

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