Beasts of War Move to Tabletop Nation

November 21, 2012 by warzan

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That's right folks, we're packing up the studio and ourselves and moving over to Tabletop Nation near London, England.  The move starts tomorrow morning and it's going to take us a week or so to start getting back up to speed.

So first let's get the why out of the way.

As many of you know we run Beasts of War from a small studio in a small town in a very small country (Northern Ireland). This has always kept us a bit distant from manufacturers, events and other gamers, as although we have a great and thriving gaming scene over here, it's unfortunately just too small to have an impact on what we do. We have been expecting for some time now that a move would be on the cards for Beasts of War, and today that time has come.

So what to expect.

1) More presenters! Obviously the crew will still be knocking around, but we are now on the hunt for a new generation of presenters who will cover a myriad of games and aspects of the hobby. We will be organizing scouting and tryouts very soon after we get settled in!

In the interim if you're interested in presenting on our shows drop us a line using this form and we'll be in touch: //

2) New Shows! As well as some new shows we have in the planning we are also working on opening up the studio space to other budding show makers, and supporting them in the creation of awesome hobby shows. Again if that's something that interests you, drop us a line using the Tzar form (above) until we get something more 'official' setup.

3) Events! We have long wanted to do events (especially events to coincide with themed weeks etc) and now we will have the capacity to do this - but more to follow on that!

4) Sunshine! While we love our country very much there is no denying that the weather sucks! We're told that where we're going has the sunniest weather in the UK!!! So unless mother nature decides shes gonna have a laugh at our expense, we're looking forward to seeing what the sun looks like!

5) There are yet more announcements to come, as we're not finished divulging our plans! so big thanks to the community for supporting us as this would not be possible without your support (and the fact you support each other).

So in the mean time KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!

Beasts of War Move to Tabletop Nation

Stay tuned for updates on how the move is going and what we're planning when we get settled in and have everything up and running again.

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