VLOG // Blood Red Skies : Our completed British and German Squadrons

March 28, 2018 by johnlyons

Hello everyone! Come have a look at the finished German and British squadrons from Blood Red Skies.

I'm very happy with the overall look of the Spitfires. They are vibrant and very distinctive on the table. Making them stand out while still have their historical aesthetic.

Less thought was needed for the ME109's as their colour scheme holds all the vibrancy they need with those yellow noses and wing tips. I feel that even the blue of the canopies really adds another level of eye-catching detail you should not skimp on when painting at this scale.

I painted Sailor Malan at home as an example of the results you can get when you really want something unique. The scheme and markings are all freehanded and based on the plane he historically flew.

And even though his scheme is fairly similar to the planes around him, Adolf Galland still has a certain look to him even at a distance. The mass of yellow-nosed 109's has a real sense of menace to it!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments how you find the paint schemes and what way you would paint your own force for Blood Red Skies.

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