Exclusive! Carnevale & Home Raiders Saved By TrollTrader!

April 29, 2016 by brennon

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We all were rather sad to hear that Vesper-On Games was closing its doors but it looks like Carnevale and Home Raiders will live on through an agreement with TrollTrader to take up the mantle and continue looking after the games with TTCombat!

Carnevale and Home Raiders Saved By TrollTrader

Both of these games did something different and unique within tabletop gaming and it's good to see that they will continue to be a part of our community.

Carnevale & Home Raiders Live On

David Esbri has explained that through this new agreement with TrollTrader all of the lore, background and knowledge concerning both of these worlds will pass to them and he will remain available to help their designers take the game forward when needed.

Carnevale Warbands

Carnevale always had a great spirit to it with their original take on Venice with a twist of the dark and gritty behind it. Home Raiders too was a fantastic game set in our very own universe where the characters played on your regular dining tables, kitchen surfaces and bedroom floors.


The idea really hit home and had some good mechanics too. It was great for younger gamers too, packed with imagination, which I think was one of the key points about the game.

TrollTrader & TTCombat

We reached out to Louis from TrollTrader to find out more about the change of hands...


"We are delighted to be bringing Carnevale and Home Raiders into our business and cannot wait to push forward with what we believe are very strong and characterful ranges with huge future potential.

For Carnevale we are going to set about commissioning some new art, sculpting of new characters and resculpting of some old favourites. Our laser team at TTCombat are already working on new scenery including a complete Venetian board with canals etc.

We want to see this in as many stores as possible by offering a great gaming experience for their players with an organised play programme and player rewards.

Home Raiders has to be one of the best ideas I have ever seen in this industry! We all want an easy way to bring more people into our gaming lives, our friends, partners but most of all our kids! A child's untidy bedroom suddenly becomes a battlefield as the scenery is made up of your belongings!

Moving forward we want to release a plastic starter box and bolster the existing range of figures.

The complexity of the models will remain simple in order be easy to paint so kids can enjoy that aspect of the hobby too!

Having talked  with David Esbri you can see that these games and their worlds have been created with so much passion and thought by someone with a huge amount of love for the hobby.

I want to say the future is bright but in the twisted world of Carnevale that doesn't sound quite right so lets instead say the future is exciting!"

So it all sounds bright and wonderful for Carnevale and Home Raiders right now. The move towards creating some fantastic new scenery and getting additional models onto the tabletops sounds great for Carnevale.

Home Raiders moving towards plastic with Starter Boxes and a bolstered range also gets a big thumbs up from us!

Best of luck to all involved and we can't wait to see where this goes in the future.

What do you think of the news?

"...he [Esbri] will remain available to help their designers take the game forward when needed."

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"Home Raiders moving towards plastic with Starter Boxes and a bolstered range also gets a big thumbs up from us!"

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