See What The Community Has Been Adding To The Global Gunslinger League!

November 25, 2021 by brennon

So the Global Gunslinger League has begun! OnTableTop and Warcradle Scenics are working on getting YOU into the world of Wild West Exodus using the two-player Starter Set, Showdown At Retribution and then going beyond!


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With us now moving to Week Three videos (check the link to see them), we thought we'd have a look at some of the folks in the community who have been working on their miniatures.

Nikolai Tesla by meszko23

More goodness this week from a pretty new project as meszko23 showed off how to paint Nikolai from The Union side of the Showdown At Retribution box.

Nikolai #1 by meszko23

The blue on the miniature looks awesome and I love how the final piece has come together. The additional lightning glow also works really nicely!

Nikolai #2 by meszko23

The metallic elements of the miniature are also solidly done and I like how it works shifting from the cool blue through to the bronze and the steel. It creates the look of a shimmering and heroic figure for use on the tabletop.

The Enlightened by BritishLegion

Swapping things around, we also have some amazingly quick work from BritishLegion over in the projects. He has managed to paint up The Enlightened and MUCH more.

Enlightened #1 by BritishLegion

They work as a great antithesis to The Union with their bright blue uniforms. I like the swap here with plenty of dark colours. The additional spot colours with the purple jacket and the green seat also help to set this fellow apart from the other members of The Enlightened.

That same purple/pink has then flowed through the rest of the faction as you can see here.

Enlightened #2 by BritishLegion

I think this really builds on that Pulpy/Steampunk feel to the world of Wild West Exodus. A good mash-up of both over-the-top characters and twisted machinery that has made them look dark and brooding.

The Enlightened by colossalsmurf

We finish things off with MORE of The Enlightened and show off the work by colossalsmurf who has built a fairly new project. We need more close up pictures colossalsmurf!

Enlightened Posse by colossalsmurf

This set of miniatures looks absolutely fantastic and a really nice way to show off the different ways you can approach the set. I like the way the metallics have been done in particular, especially with all of the glowing lights and flickering energy coils. I like that it isn't all doom and darkness with The Enlightened (well, it is) with plenty of colour on display.

Build & Paint Your Wild West Exodus Posse With Us

As well as joining us for the videos each week you’ll also be able to chart and record your own progress using our Project System, part of the OnTableTop website.


Take Part By Building Your Own Project!

The Project System allows you to upload photos of your miniatures, information on why and how you painted a particular scheme and even show off your Battle Reports! It’s a perfect way to keep track of your hobby!

When you create a project you will see a dropdown option called “Related Contest” click that and choose “Global Gunslinger League” from the dropdown list that appears to attach your project to the League.

All of this starts with the Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set which you can pick up right now!

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set - Wild West Exodus OCT

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set // Wild West Exodus

Grab the set and get a project started. We already have loads of folks doing just that so you're in good company!

Get involved and remember to share your work over on social media too! Use #GlobalGunslingerLeague and #OTTWWX to share your work and spread the word.

Which of the factions are you going to be starting with?

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